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What if shaping your future starts by shaping theirs? Joining the field of early childhood education is more than an investment in yourself—it’s an investment in your community and the little ones that shape its future. With affordable classes and earn-and-learn opportunities, it’s easy to begin your new career.

What is early childhood education?

As an Early Childhood Educator (ECE), you help develop children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills—building a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. As children’s brains undergo the greatest development between birth to 5 years old, you are vital to your students’ success.

Follow the building blocks

To a fulfilling career

Entering this field is both accessible and affordable, with many entry-level positions requiring no previous education to get started. But the opportunities to grow your career through experience and education are endless.

Teachers Aides & Teacher’s Assistants
Teacher’s Assistants work with Lead Teachers in the classroom to care for children through play and learning activities.
Teachers & Lead Teachers
Lead Teachers are responsible for the academic, social-emotional growth and development of children.
Director and/or Coach

Early Childhood Directors oversee all aspects of programming including enrollment, staffing and partnerships.

Early Childhood Special Educator
Special Educators are experts in meeting the needs of children with unique learning abilities.
Not your average 9-5

A day in the life of an early childhood educator

A typical school day for an Early Childhood Educator is anything but typical. The best-laid plans can be turned upside down when working with kids—which means you’ll never be bored! With a heart for service and a spirit of adaptability, hear about the rewards of teaching from Anita and Katelyn.

Frequently asked questions
What are the most common benefits in the early childhood education field?

Most employers in the Pikes Peak region offer child care, professional development assistance and/or tuition reimbursement, paid time off, and paid sick leave.

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The number of employers in your backyard looking to hire early childhood educators today.

Children in early childhood education range from birth to age 5.

There are so many opportunities for growth. Career opportunities include teacher’s aide, early childhood teacher, early childhood center director or administrator, home-based provider, family support specialist, early childhood coach, family support specialist or advocate, early childhood mental health consultant and early childhood special educator. Education and experience allow you to advance in your career and grants and scholarships exist to support your progress.

In Colorado Springs, the average annual pay for an Early Childhood Educator is $24,563. That works out to be approximately $11.81 an hour or $2,047/month. To learn more about compensation in the Pikes Peak region, click here.

This rewarding field is so much more than daycare. As an early childhood educator, you are supporting your students through their most formative years—as they are first learning how to interact with their peers, teachers and parents. Children at this age are learning developmental skills that will lay the foundation for ongoing education.

What makes a great teacher?

When no two days in the classroom are alike, it takes a special kind of person to engage and ignite a child’s curiosity. If you identify with any of the following characteristics, you could thrive in a career like early childhood education.

In early childhood education—it’s all about the soft skills. Whether you’re just graduating high school, changing military stations, taking early childhood courses, working in a center as an aide, or looking at switching careers altogether—it’s likely you already have some of the skills needed to be a great educator.

High school students & GEDs

Imagine earning money while continuing your education—or getting paid to learn as you complete just a few introductory courses. You’ll jumpstart your career in little to no time!

Military spouses

Early childhood educators are highly sought after—especially in communities near military bases. With transferability, you can feel confident the next, rewarding position awaits you.

Switching careers

Have you felt unfulfilled or stuck in your job? With generous PTO, sick leave and opportunities to get paid working in the field as you learn—there’s never been a better time to take the leap.

Working for a Center or Taking Courses

Are you working as a Teacher Aide in an early childhood education program? Have you taken or are you enrolled in an Early Childhood Education course that has piqued your interest in this career? Our Career Navigator can help you create a career path!

Looking for Part-time or Volunteer work

Are you passionate about early childhood education and have recently found yourself with extra free time? There are plenty of Child Development Programs with a staff shortage eager for your help! There may be opportunities to receive credit hours or transition to a full-time position as well.

Interested in Owning Your Own Business

Is owning a business one of your goals for this year? Do you have a heart for nurturing young children and getting them off to a strong start before they enter kindergarten? With the urgent need for more early childhood programs in our community, NOW is the perfect time to start. Connect with a Career Navigator to learn more.

The possibilities are endless

Benefits to a career in early childhood education

Besides building your own career—and fostering theirs—there are so many reasons to begin a career in early childhood education.

Earn while you learn

Some career pathways in ECE allow professionals to earn their credentials while being paid and working in the field.

Flexible education schedules

You may have access to on-the-job training opportunities, such as Child Development Associates options or flexibility to attend courses through local community colleges or universities.

Room to grow

This field offers many opportunities for advancement, allowing professionals to continue to increase their earnings while making a positive impact in the community.

Affordable classes

Scholarships and funding opportunities are available from organizations including community colleges, universities, workforce centers, early childhood councils and employers.

Impact on children & the community

Early childhood determines things like school readiness, reading levels in third grade, graduation from high school, going to college and even getting a job after college.

Reduced child care costs

Many employers offer reduced tuition rates for the children of employees—a huge benefit for many!

Remember, your journey begins with that first step. Seize this opportunity to transform your life! Let these stories about Juan and Leta, two young professionals that cultivated their passion for early childhood education as a career beginning in high school, inspire you to take action and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. 

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Watch the workforce stories of success below that highlight the remarkable work and rewards of early childhood education professionals! As we illuminate their journeys to transform young lives, remember that the possibilities in early childhood education are endless, and we are here to support you on the path to your dream career!

Workforce Stories of Success

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The building blocks to a growing career

Learn more = earn more

While experience is important, ECE educators can continue to grow their impact and expand their access to higher paying positions through ongoing education. In a field that is constantly changing, there is always something new to learn! 

Average pay scale:

Based on averages of real compensation examples here in the Pikes Peak region.

Teacher's Aide/Assistant, No Training or Experience Necessary
Early Childhood Teacher, BA/BS in Related Field or ECE
Lead Teacher, BA/BS in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, or Early Childhood Special Ed
Director, BA in Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Special Educator, Master’s Degree in Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, or Education
It takes a village

A full team ready to guide you

Five community organizations have come together to help you on your path to becoming an early childhood educator. Together, we’re here to help you find the right fit, begin your education and find open positions in the field that meet your needs.

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Connect with a Career Navigator

Wondering how to get started? Maybe you’re still unsure if this is the right fit for you. Our community’s Career Navigator can help you chart the best path forward and understand all of your options. She can even answer questions about:
Friendly, free 15-minute call